What’s the best way of presenting an Arts Award portfolio?

There are a variety of different methods of presenting the arts award journey, which could be categorised as digital and non-digital.  

Advantages of non-digital include ownership (easier for the young person to have pride in something physical and tangible that they can take home for friends); it can be done anywhere – you don’t need fancy equipment or resources; it’s easier in terms of scrapbooking, for example if the young people go on trips they have something to stick their tickets etc. in.

Advantages of digital include the ability to edit and manage work, moderators seem to find it more accessible; it’s incorporating IT skills for the learners and encourages them to use new digital media.

What methods do we prefer?

A middle ground is important and participants should be able to explore both methods. We encourage hard copy work books for day to day working but would copy relevant sections over to a digital version ready for moderation.Image



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