How can we help young people to develop their literacy and numeracy skills throughout their Summer Arts College Experience?

The Art of Embedding Literacy and Numeracy into SAC: Top Tips for maximising learning during Summer Arts College (SAC) Facilitator: Sally Brown

  • Look for opportunities to embed literacy and numeracy within all SAC activities:

–        Planning the celebration event – writing invitations, working out the timings for performances, allocating space for exhibits, writing press releases.

–        Working out credits and which books can be bought on MyChoice.

–        Reviewing the day – orally and sometimes in writing, using blogs and social networking sites.

–        Have the newspaper available to read/talk about over lunch/during breaks.

–        Planning trips and visits – phoning venues, giving directions, working out how to get there and back, travel costs, finding out about venues on the web.

  • Utilise the existing structure/ requirements of the Arts Award (AA), which has been purposefully developed to encourage learning:

–        Young people have to record what they have learnt (this is an AA requirement for Bronze and Silver): encourage them to write reflections; magazine articles about their hero/heroine; explain the dimensions/ ideas behind their artwork.

–        Encourage young people to label their photos/ art pieces (this will help the AA assessor and moderator read and understand a portfolio more clearly).

  • Use I.T: internet searches, using rhyming dictionaries either on the computer (e.g. ) or download the rhymezone app.
  • Use lots of flipcharts to mind map and write down key words and phrases.  Revisit these to reinforce learning.
  • Develop awareness of different sorts of language – e.g. text speak versus standard English spelling.

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