This is the story of beef it starts with a Gun


Where people pack heat and shot in the Slums

From rice to trees they move this ish by the Tonne

Plus the kids all roll around with Shanks

Open you up and empty the Blood bank

Some draw for the cannon others call Tanks

Catch yourself piffin hard puffin on the Dank

Plus u don’t want it with guys or the Crew

Cos in two twos u’ll see the boys in Blue

And we don’t like boys who try n Screw

And don’t chat shit and say whats not true

Round here they cook beef like a Steak

niggas say they hold u down but they Fake

where everybody hits da grind nd moves Flake

unless they grass but we hate the snakes

lifes mad, its real and all I see is beef

people get punched up lose a few teeth

where if I lose food ill be in grief

but that’s just a day in da streets


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