The cars out the garage it just got Fixed

So I call up people and go grab some Chicks

I like wheel spins handbrake turns for my Tricks

Plus I like tp play my favourite DJ’s Mix


This car I bought for  3000 so a6 Audi

Idrive it in the sun or if its Cloudy

Plus its really cool so I get Out me

Spendiong more money than an saudi

Let’s jump in the car and go for a ride

If we see my mum then ill duck n Hide

Wheel spins and skids the lot I’ve Tried

Want to speed away with my new Bride

I like speeding fast then I slam on the Brakes

Got it wrong a few times and had Aches

My engine roars loud it gives earth Quakes

I only buy the best cars I don’t accept Fakes


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