My Story

The past is the past, n Times gone so fast

The pain won’t last least that’s what they asked

Mummy loves you so much little princess

im sorry I was busy wid daddy smoking cess

Baby girl ur always so much missed

now me and daddy are both so pissed

Little scarlet I’ve got so much regret

This is all da shit what people don’t get

Ur mummy loves u, it aint even funny

peek tryna raise you, me n dad ad no money

Maybe one day things will get sunny

dream about it daily that things get lovely

I hope one day, that our situation betters

Till then Ima carry on writing u these letters

I Cant wait to come buy u first little sweater

Smile in ur eyes see u is a little trend setter

Mummy aint silly now I wanna tighten my belt

Sometimes in life cant choose the cards we get dealt

Anyways at times that’s how ive felt

Dads getting mixed up wid how ur names spelt

This the story of my life me n my kid

You wouldn’t see at first it how I did

Because in 24 hours your lifes gone slipped

Down the drain to pain and not nice ish

People sit n judge me but trust u dunno shit  gee

If ish had happened to you the way it happened to me

youd see thigs just the way that  I See

sometimes I get mad to a certain degree

Noone ever did right by taking you away

but I no dat one day everthin will be ok

When I see you you will av sisters and brothers

I don’t wanna end up with a life like my mothers

Always on the white boshin everynight

waking to to screams or another fight

Mum cud change yh she might,

Dad you cant say ish never did it right

I didn’t care dat u went jail and left me and sis

thought you was genna change, but u took the piss

thought ur letters were convincing & real

but 6 years later I see that aint the deal

times I feel that I aint got no one

and deep down I just wanna Run

in and out of institutions

whats the reselutions

its messed with my head

im sick of all the ish thats been said

maybe Im just troubled and misslead

most of the crap on paper bout me has been misread


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