We raised £262.25. Add £164 from market and our total is £427.

Fantastic well done!!


We actually raised so much money the cash box broke!  (Sorry Lynn)

Our charities are ARK-T who run a youth music project in Cowley, Oxford and SAFE! Project working with young people in Oxfordshire who are victims of crime.

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United Dreams and creative cupcakes!

Keep up the great work!!



Today was a good day in terms of pushing forward with our branding and logo design for the Bonn Square Arts event. The group came up with the innovative name of United Dreams for the project – Dan was fantastic and made some really positive contributions to group discussion. Fabio was also a very strong character and, with some help from staff, the group came to a shared agreement as to the colour and design of their logo. 

Owen, a Press Officer with OCC, came to speak to the group about the possibility of BBC Oxford coming to see the project and meet the young people, again Dan really shone in his  attitude and contribution, reminding the group that it is important for people to see the good that they are doing for charity in order to repair negative views of young people and give back to the community.


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How can we help young people to develop their literacy and numeracy skills throughout their Summer Arts College Experience?

The Art of Embedding Literacy and Numeracy into SAC: Top Tips for maximising learning during Summer Arts College (SAC) Facilitator: Sally Brown

  • Look for opportunities to embed literacy and numeracy within all SAC activities:

–        Planning the celebration event – writing invitations, working out the timings for performances, allocating space for exhibits, writing press releases.

–        Working out credits and which books can be bought on MyChoice.

–        Reviewing the day – orally and sometimes in writing, using blogs and social networking sites.

–        Have the newspaper available to read/talk about over lunch/during breaks.

–        Planning trips and visits – phoning venues, giving directions, working out how to get there and back, travel costs, finding out about venues on the web.

  • Utilise the existing structure/ requirements of the Arts Award (AA), which has been purposefully developed to encourage learning:

–        Young people have to record what they have learnt (this is an AA requirement for Bronze and Silver): encourage them to write reflections; magazine articles about their hero/heroine; explain the dimensions/ ideas behind their artwork.

–        Encourage young people to label their photos/ art pieces (this will help the AA assessor and moderator read and understand a portfolio more clearly).

  • Use I.T: internet searches, using rhyming dictionaries either on the computer (e.g.  http://www.rhymezone.com/ ) or download the rhymezone app.
  • Use lots of flipcharts to mind map and write down key words and phrases.  Revisit these to reinforce learning.
  • Develop awareness of different sorts of language – e.g. text speak versus standard English spelling.

How can we help young people to develop their literacy and numeracy skills throughout their Summer Arts College Experience?

The Art of Embedding Literacy and Numeracy into SAC: Top Tips for maximising learning during Summer Arts College (SAC) Facilitator: Sally Brown

Look for natural links between the art form and literacy/numeracy:

–        Music and lyric writing (see TuneIn and Digital Music on the Enrichment College).

–        Rap as a starting point to explore lyrics and poetry.

–        Work out costs of materials, i.e. to make a sculpture.

–        Work out cost of hiring versus buying equipment for a music event.

–        Use words, letters and numbers to create dance pieces (see Now Move on the Enrichment College).

–        Explore use of letters and words in Islamic art (see Alphabet Words and Letters on the Enrichment College).

–        Demonstrate ideas for animating words (see’ Give me a Word’ in Poetry in Motion).

–        Storyboarding – with timings of shot, indication of what characters will do and say.

Feedback …

Many thanks to everyone that came and participated in our two day seminar … hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Pip and Poppy will be in touch soon!

Some feedback from others …. 

“Vital way to focus people before embarking on SACs”

“Well organised and coordinated with relevant materials. Venue was relaxing with helpful staff”

“So much hardwork and dedication gone into the event. So well organised! Really benefited from coming…”

“Hotel was lovely. The food was delicious. I thought the whole 2 days were so well planned and delivered. Was all extremely well organised”

“I think the seminar has been brilliant”

“Brilliant two days, have learnt a great deal from other practitioners”

“Thank you for an enjoyable and productive two days”

“The conference had a great balance of learning from others and more structured sessions. It was very useful hearing other YOTs’ experiences of running the summer arts programme and especially the potential pitfalls. I have been overwhelmed by the ideas and different art forms that can be used – now have to decide what to do! Must get my YOT on board!”

“I am pleased that  I have attended this two day Unitas Seminar. It has been very useful and given me much better insight. I was happy with the seminar!”

“An excellent two days, full of information. I feel inspired and ready to get started on our Summer Arts College and to also look at other Arts Activities we can put in place throughout the service. Thank you”