Not sure how to write a poem? have a read of these examples to guide you

ImageGuide to help –

Decide theme: Cake

Write words to do with this:

Eggs            butter

Then use a rhyming dictionary to find some rhyming words to add to this

Under each word written:





Then take these words and put them on the far side of your page

I love my cakes it all start with the Eggs

Unless you’re a pub head then it’s the Kegs

People love cake they almost even Beg

Eat too much cake and it will go to your Legs


Jam is my favourite I love to eat Fruit

simply the best and a lovely Recruit

It’s  Not very good For my rotten Tooth

Fruit jam is great but its  easy to Misuse


Summer is here and out comes the sun

Everyone is happy we have lots of Fun

 so much to do we could go for a Run

theres trees with lots of nice ripe Plums

The Grinch

The Grinch is tall and hes long and  green

Everyone hates and thinks that he’s mean

They don’t know anything, they live in a dream

He’s really a cool guy who just loves beans

He lives up a mountain, lives on his own

The guys is quite happy living all Alone

has no tv, sadly just a old battered Phone

The guy’s no joke, plus he’s fully grown


In life we go through some hurt and Pain

life Is what you make it so look for a Gain

it is hard in life to try to find some Fame

always look past all the struggle and strain


got to the hospital and got seen by a nurse

moved me of the ward then I lost my purse

that’s like my fifth purse now I feel cursed

im feelin that things couldn’t get any worse


Want to try hard, want to do my Best

And if I work hard I will pass this Test

do so well that they’ll give me a Crest

 nothing I can’t do when I’m Assessed

Making films with young people can be risky business!

Great advice if making films with young people!

FLIC Filmmaking Workshops


When exploring possible film ideas with young people, especially teenagers, we often find that the themes of interest revolve around what we might call risky behaviours. Drugs, alcohol, crime and violence are themes that appeal to young people. They enjoy watching films that include these themes such as Kidulthood, Adulthood and Ill Manors and filmmakers like Ben Drew (aka Plan B) inspire them as filmmakers.

At First Light, we encourage film projects that give young people full creative and editorial control so if they want to make a film about gangs and gun crime, we wouldn’t deter them from doing this. Instead, we would work with them to explore how they could cover the themes but in a responsible way. We all have a responsibility to project under 18s in film projects whilst educating them on the dangers of such risky behaviours.

The Ofcom Broadcasting Code provides us with…

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Creative music opportunity – want to find out more?

The Jack Petchey Foundation supports, encourages and motivates young people.

They are looking for a new anthem – it should be inspirational, motivational and uplifting. It should bring a tear to the eye and lump to the throat and appeal to their core audience of 11-25 year olds.  CLICK the link to find out more – 


Stuck for some inspiration?

Looking for a good performance poet?

Apples and Snakes work with a wide range of performance poets, writers and storytellers. You will find biographies, pictures and a growing selection of videos of their performances at Apples and Snakes events.

Inspired to write a poem? please share it with us we would love to hear it 🙂