How can we help young people to develop their literacy and numeracy skills throughout their Summer Arts College Experience?

The Art of Embedding Literacy and Numeracy into SAC: Top Tips for maximising learning during Summer Arts College (SAC) Facilitator: Sally Brown

Look for natural links between the art form and literacy/numeracy:

–        Music and lyric writing (see TuneIn and Digital Music on the Enrichment College).

–        Rap as a starting point to explore lyrics and poetry.

–        Work out costs of materials, i.e. to make a sculpture.

–        Work out cost of hiring versus buying equipment for a music event.

–        Use words, letters and numbers to create dance pieces (see Now Move on the Enrichment College).

–        Explore use of letters and words in Islamic art (see Alphabet Words and Letters on the Enrichment College).

–        Demonstrate ideas for animating words (see’ Give me a Word’ in Poetry in Motion).

–        Storyboarding – with timings of shot, indication of what characters will do and say.