Gloucestershire Summer Art College ….

Young person recorded this cover as part of her work towards her Art Award … what an amazing voice she has!

Busy being creative in Gloucestershire!

Gloucestershire Summer Art College had a very busy second week, the young people concentrating on their Arts Apprenticeship and learning new skills/sharing with others such as; singing techniques, creating a logo using graphic design software, how to rap battle, how to film with different background settings & how to record vocals in a studio.

The young people also went to Skill Zone in Gloucester, which is a state-of-the-art life size village.

Finally they have been discussing and planning their ‘Celebration Day’ including, who to invite, food, budget and performances. They created and designed their own CD/DVD covers and had the opportunity to record their own solo track in the studio.

ImageThey also had DJ Fade and Tyler (B’Boy/Breakdancer) come in and perform their skills followed by an in depth conversation around how dance and DJ’ing started.

Fantastic work, keep going only a few days left!