Celebrating in Knowsley

“Our celebration event was fantastic, we showcased the young people’s ability to sing, public speak and we discussed all the work and presented everything for the family members, workers and carers to view and discuss with the group.”
Adrian Dakers – Actor/facilitator

Knowsley Summer Art College


“I have really enjoyed the course so far, particularly learning lots of new skills and making new friends. My favourite activity has been screen printing, however I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the metal sculpture workshop because I have not used metal in an artistic way before. Nitin (the artist) was really patient with the group and he let everyone express themselves freely and develop their own unique designs. I am looking forward to the celebration event as I will have an opportunity to perform and display my beat boxing skills to people I know.”

Knowsley have been sculpting with steel!

During week one we explored photography, performance, design and visited the Liverpool museum and explored sculpture at Crosby Beach. Image

During this week the group have really come together and particularly towards the end of the first week they are starting to develop their artistic flare and extend the arts knowledge.

In week two so far we have explored metal work and how that can be used to create sculpture. The young people started by playing with steel and manipulation exercises to explore different shapes and the metal capabilities. Through stamping methods the young people all created a personal sculpture that meant something to them, some young people stamped messages like “keep calm and relax”. The young people loved this session and really excelled!