Making films with young people can be risky business!

Great advice if making films with young people!

FLIC Filmmaking Workshops


When exploring possible film ideas with young people, especially teenagers, we often find that the themes of interest revolve around what we might call risky behaviours. Drugs, alcohol, crime and violence are themes that appeal to young people. They enjoy watching films that include these themes such as Kidulthood, Adulthood and Ill Manors and filmmakers like Ben Drew (aka Plan B) inspire them as filmmakers.

At First Light, we encourage film projects that give young people full creative and editorial control so if they want to make a film about gangs and gun crime, we wouldn’t deter them from doing this. Instead, we would work with them to explore how they could cover the themes but in a responsible way. We all have a responsibility to project under 18s in film projects whilst educating them on the dangers of such risky behaviours.

The Ofcom Broadcasting Code provides us with…

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