The culmination of a Summer Art College in Grimsby.

This film was produced as a response to attacks on a Mosque in Grimsby, in the wake of the Lee Rigby murder in Woolwich. As well as getting their Bronze Arts Awards, they also learned about Hate Crime, Extremism, Racism and Slavery along the way.

Film was launched at the Parkway Cinema – ‘I’m Not Racist But…’. PCC Matthew Grove attended and awarded the young people their Bronze Art Awards.

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The film is deemed pivotal in confronting Hate Crime in the region and we are very proud of you all!


Written by Ben:


“Me and Zara participated in a series of sequences on camera portraying what it’s like to be free, and to be trapped. We both planned the scenes out on paper and then went out onto the field outside of Clee Young People’s Centre, where we tried a few different types of camera styles, such as Point of View style, where we placed Zara’s hat on the camera and made it look as if she were running. Whilst Zara was doing the running, outside of the gate, I, on the other hand, was trapped behind the gate itself, having to watch Zara run around with all the freedom in the world. Nearer to the end of the film, we had Zara run towards me and we switched places on the gate. The reason for the gate and the open field, was to signify the meaning of being free, and being stuck behind a fence, blocking you from becoming free.”

icar comes to North East Lincolnshire Summer Art College

ImageOne of the young people has written this article for your blog:
“It was Friday 9th August and the Fire Brigade came in to Clee Youth Centre, to the Summer Arts College and they brought the iCar, with them. It is a simulator, which is inside the car and when you sit in there, there is a video that is being played to you. It shows you five people in the car and the male driver has recently passed his test and he is driving to the sound of the music, he is being asked to speed up by his mates. The male driver listens to what his female and two males friends say and he speeds up, but the other female tells him to slow down and stick to the speed limit as he was driving too fast, but he didn’t listen to her and he carried on speeding up.
Whilst you’re sat in the iCar you can feel all the bumps that the driver in the video is hitting, this made it feel really realistic. From this experience of being in the iCar, I know that from this day forward that I would get a car but I know I wouldn’t show off in front of my friends or have them in the car whilst I was doing so. If I was in a car with one of my friends or one of their friends and I thought they were driving dangerously, then I would say that I was going to be sick. I would hope that they would stop, otherwise they would have sick in the car!!” by Zara